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1 definition by YouDontKnowAnythingAboutItaly

I read the joke of an idiot below..that was something like"italian guys(talking about football):We are the best!
Other guy(talking about Culture,engineering,tennis,basketball etc):are you sure?

Oh really you want talk about culture?Where are you from guy?If you are from Greece or Egypt we can talk about culture,if you are from somewhere else part of the world,you better stick to think you are better than italians in tennis....
Anyone can dare to say he has a better culture than Italy being not ashamed of himself maybe an idiot who has never opened an history book....
have you ever heard of Machiavelli?Da Vinci?Michelangel?Galilei?Dante?Marcus Aurelius?Virgil?Cato?Umberto Eco?
Maybe the only one who can't talk about cultures is you here,cause you shown us you have none.
Let's go again....Engineer?What kind of engineer?
If Eu didn't block us we were to build the Messina's bridge,and you can be sure that despite many countries who ask for italian engineers we would have built it by ourselves..Want to talk about Ferrari engineers?
Aviation?what the fuck have to do with a society?LOL Switzerland has barely an army...and italian aviation is good anyway.

Military?Well not a great performance in WWII,but we fought for 3 years against the whole world while France gave up after 3 weeks and english had american big brother by their side.
Moreover today Usa and England bitches for our soldiers in every place they go..weird isn't it?
Technology?Uhmm our spatial agency is one of the best in Europe together with France,and the last flight of Shuttle had a sofisticated italian module over there....
italian scientists are the most appreciated at Cern when it come to recreate the earth's big bang.
We have a lot of medals,comparing numbers of people with medal we overclass Usa too...
Italy is ranked 3 in the world for number of gold medals....
Germany 4th,England 5th and France 6th..lol
Motor Bikes?want to talk about that or Valentino Rossi maybe?


Anyway italians are great we only have to fight on a daily basis with idiots with no culture and brain who have never opened an history book or a newspaper.....that's all...

A foreigner guy(talking to an italian):Look,i have never read a book but i'm sure Italy has no culture nor anything...
An italian guy(repling him):That's funny i read lot of books and i can state the same about your country.