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A group of people who are vital to our culture. In a society there must be outcasts whether punks-nerds-freaks or in more rural cultures shamen-witches-people with "magic powers". its not nessecarily something useful but for some reason humans always have and always will separate themselves or others from the group. Those on the inside are either brillant, athletic, or beatuiful. These are genetic codes inbedded in us. Our perception of beauty is based on 3 main factors, health, fashion/culture, and measurements of facail symetry. Unsymmetrical faces can usually be attributed to infections in pregnancy making this person slightly sicklier or having genetics that may create weak offspring. So there for pretty+pretty=higher chance of jungle survival and any sign of weakness is standing to say that that person is a burden on the group as they dont have as many natural skills as the others though some with good intelligence may be able to set them selves up in postitions of high power with or without athletics through politics (does this sound like survivor yet)
In this society where we dont leave our sick and weak to die in the street we have people with a natural compulsion to distance themselves from others. Thus giving us our since of exclusivness, and social structure. So we have punks, goths, LARPers, and all that crap.
Prep(durdur): I hate you for reasons i dont know, dont understand anything you say, and have no comprehension of why you do anything you do. But I respect your choice to balance society with freakishness. Thankyou manic.

Punk(hooray): I hate you cause you victimize me, you cant think further than prom, you follow like a flock crows shit you even squak like a crow. But I realize that your fascism makes our culture possible. Thankyou nazi.

Prep(durdur): Now get yo head in that toilet!

Punk(hooray): No bitch *stabs with sword*

ex. for outcast
by YouAreWelcome November 27, 2010
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