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An immature, small-minded, pathetic creature that becomes a facebook "fan" of someone just so they can spew hateful rhetoric about them and insult the true fans.
"In between welfare checks, the fantagonist made hundreds of posts to a prominent conservative's page."
#obamunism #obamatard #obamy bot #obamoron #obamify
by YouAlreadyKnowWhoIAm March 26, 2010
Compound of vengeance and legislation.
Noun. Pronounced \ven-juh-'slay-shun\

1- Legislation designed to punish people of a specific sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and/or economic class.

2- The enactments of a vengislator or vengislative body.

3- Law(s) that stick it to straight, white, Christian people that have jobs.
Bob the Builder: "This vengislation will make the world fair!"

Multitudes of followers, in unison: "Yes we can!"
#vengislate #vengislator #obamify #unconsttutional #health care
by YouAlreadyKnowWhoIAm April 11, 2010
Compound of vengeance and legislator.
Pronounced \ven-juh-'slay-tur\

1-One who proposes vengislation.

2- One who drafts vengislation.

3- One who votes to pass vengislation into law.

4- Barack Obama.
Whitey'll get his. When The Vengislator is through with him, he'll be driving a wind-powered go-kart to his death-panel appointment.
#vengislation #vengislate #obamify #unconstitutional #health care
by YouAlreadyKnowWhoIAm April 12, 2010
Pronounced \'blah-go\

To go on Glenn Beck in a futile effort to look like the noble character in a given scandal.

"Hi Honey, it's Eric. I'll be home a little early today. Tomorrow I'm going to blago in Manhattan, so could you run my black suit to the cleaners? You're the greatest, baby! See you soon."
#eric #massa #queer #leveraged #tickle-fight #disgrace #knee-cap
by YouAlreadyKnowWhoIAm April 14, 2010
A cruiser bicycle that has a small gasoline engine installed on it.

The rider is usually a dirt-bag pot head with a man-purse slung over his shoulder,

and takes his strip of road out of the middle of your lane.

Wife: What the hell is that?

Husband: An enviro-fag on his Marley Jacobson.

Wife: Is that a purse he's carrying?

Husband: Would you mind if I just took him out with the truck?
#trustafarian #robert nestha #schlep #fag-bag #che guevara #acorn #inner circle
by YouAlreadyKnowWhoIAm August 20, 2013
Noun- Acronym for Secular Communist Humanist Liberal Evolutionist Progressive.

Sometimes spelled SHLEPP, which is an acronym for Socialist Heathen Leftist Environmentalist Progressive Pagan.

These two acronyms are totally interchangable, adaptable, and modifiable, e.g., one could use SCHLEP as Socialist Commie Heathen Liberal Eviro-fag Pussy, and it would still have the same meaning.
Girl #1: So, did that guy in your Creative Environmental Alarmism class ever ask you out?

Girl #2: You mean the SCHLEP? Yeah, he asked me to go to the Dave Matthews concert, but I told him I'd rather give myself a root canal than ever hear another Dave Matthews song. I doubt that little SHLEPP could satisfy his chihuahua.
#fascist #greenie #democrat #commie #pinko #obamatard
by YouAlreadyKnowWhoIAm March 29, 2010
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