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4 definitions by Yordanos Kidanemariam

Unique among African countries, the ancient Ethiopian monarchy maintained its freedom from colonial rule.
did you know coffee orginated from Ethiopia in a region called KEFA?
by Yordanos Kidanemariam February 14, 2005
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Axum is the holiest city in Ethiopia located in the Northern region Tigray. It is the place where Christianity was declared the national religion in the 4th century.
All over the city are relics of a glorious past: the Queen's bath, royal palaces and the amazing monolithic obelisks. The largest, once the world's largest at 500 tons and standing 33 meters high, lies fallen to the ground. The second largest at 24 marts was stolen by Mussolini, and stands in Rome. The third largest still stands and at 23 marts is an impressive sight
by Yordanos Kidanemariam February 14, 2005
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also spelled Tigrai, or Tegray,Tegaru,Tigres

Tigray, Is a name of a Northern Region in Ethiopia and central part of Eritrea . The Tegaru people speak Tigrinya, a Semitic language related to Ge'ez.

The people of Tigray are descendants of a Semitic people who intermixed with the Cushitic inhabitants of the region and founded the Christian kingdom of Axum.
What language do you speak?
"Tigrenya", Where is that spoken " Mostly in Tigray,Ethiopia and parts of Eritrea"
by Yordanos Kidanemariam February 11, 2005
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The captial city of Tigray in northern ethiopia.
There are 67,851,281 million ethiopians.
by Yordanos Kidanemariam February 14, 2005
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