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In theory: A section of the video hosting website 'Youtube' where people may comment on and rate videos uploaded by users.

In reality: A complete annex of reality where factual accuracy, literacy, mutual respect and general good will are almost completely devoid. The closer a video touches upon religion, national identites and race, the more ludicrous and profane the comments section will be.

Common inhabitants (and often combatants) of this inhospitable environment are:

Zealot the Cleric, Professor Know-it-all, Professor Wiki-it-all, Armchair Activist, Keyboard Patriot, xxxEmoKidxxx, Blatant Illiterate (aka The Child who was Left Behind), Raging Homophobe, Capt. Conspiracy Nut and Sir Lastword of Ihavenojob-shire.
Person A: "You know, I really despair in humanity sometimes."

Person B: "Have you been at those youtube comments again?"
by Yonner December 31, 2009

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