3 definitions by Yojimbo

The leading cause of death for black people, besides FEMA and nigga moments, according to Huey Freeman of the Boondocks.
Did you hear what happened to Hendrix? He died vomiting back up some pork chops he ate last night.
by Yojimbo March 01, 2007
(jeck-ild) adj. When an object has been broken. Some form of error. Used exclusively in the Camden Town area of North London.
antoine, you jeckylled the spliff. Or, jon your nose is extraordinarily jeckylled.
by Yojimbo February 23, 2006
A system of gay kicks that can be defeated by practically any other martial art, especially grappling arts.
Don't make me send the Gracies to school yo gay taekwondo ass.
by Yojimbo March 07, 2007

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