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Being physically and emotionally exhausted to the point that one desires to veg on the couch and go to bed at 7:30pm.

Roots derived from the City of Lakewood Rise Above summer camp, Camp Paha.

This exhaustion stems from dehydration, constant supervision of campers, changings, little time for breaks, stress from behavior managements, and ultimately, having more fun than anyone should have in one day!
I went to bed yesterday at 8pm. I was Paha-tired!

Hey, I want to hang out tonight, but I'm Paha-tired.
by Yogiwolfman June 29, 2009
The annoying attitude or disposition of a total douche-bag, distinguished in part by name-dropping, long drawn-out anecdote of past questionable events, and loud, obnoxious back-patting of one's self.
I really thought Mark would be a good guy, but then he turned on the douchitude and I couldn't handle it!
by Yogiwolfman June 28, 2009
A code word used to signify sarcasm/lies/cryptic humor during texting or IM conversations.

Derived from an IM conversation between Chelsea C and Andy W, during which time Chelsea C was watching "Mr. Holland's Opus" and was talking about how she couldn't understand sarcasm through IM. Chelsea C and Andy W agreed to come up with a word, "Opus." that would cue sarcasm/lies/cryptic humor.
You are a complete tool. Opus.

Wow you are a really fine example of what is wrong in the world. Opus.
by Yogiwolfman June 30, 2009

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