1 definition by Yo_murphy

A girl who is indescribably amazing. She is hysterically funny, so intelligent, probably has the nicest and has purest smile you'll ever see and her curly, thick hair is just everywhere.
Her deep brown eyes can take you anywhere if you look long enough. Its like she eats you with them, because you just get lost in her eyes. Its like you falling down a beautiful hole, but your not really falling. You're just there, starring at her.
Her eye lashes are absolutely stunning. They're so black and have a good length.
Her personality is some thing that you've probably never seen before. Its bubbly, enlightening and you feel safe around her.
She's that girl that is friends with everyone and everybody knows her, but she doesn't hang out with the popular people.
She hangs out with the people who have a troubled life, smart and has a bit of humor ... Like me.
You could probably talk to her for hours on end. Start talking at 9 am and go right to 11 pm and feel like 10 minutes.
It never gets boring because she's always got something in her life to talk about, and so do you.

She has the best taste in music and movies. She'll ask you if you want to go see this band that you've never herd of and you finding out that they're such a good band! She will also suggest you to watch all these movie, which are all movies that you've never herd of before but are brilliant movies! She knows all these actors and band members. She can quote movies and sing to you lyrics.
by Yo_murphy April 21, 2013

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