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a female human being who is obsessed with either a manga,anime,video game or actor/singer/any famous person.Fangirls are often associated with being either losers and/or unattractive; but most are actually average looking.Also tends to socialize at conventions.See cosplay and fanboys
*anthony rapp and his boyfriend leave starbucks*
Fangirl1:OMFG!IT'S ANTHONY RAPP!!(shreks high pitched squeel while faning self with hands before passing out)
*Fangirl2 approches anthony*
Fangirl2:Excuse me,Mr.rapp(unstoppable grinning ear-to-ear while blushing like unhumanly possible).
FG2:Me and my friends were wondering.....do you run fast?
AR:No...no not really.
*girls look at each other both gleefully and maniaclly at the same time*
random girl from behind:GEEEEETTTT 'IIIIIMMMM!!!!!
*both drop lattes and run for their lives*
by Yna January 21, 2007

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