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Random Assholes are people who show up to parties uninvited or nobody knows who they are.

Here are some important signs of a random asshole
1. the term random asshole is never used. it is very rare to see a random asshole on his/her own. They travel in herds.
2. Random assholes like to chill or lean against a large wall or open space and look around at people.
3. During winter random assholes will wear a random jacket to a party. No matter how hot it gets at the party the random asshole will not take off the jacket.
4. Random assholes have initiators who branch from the herd and try to socialize with normal people. They usually talk for 5-10 minutes and leave. They return to the herd and continue being random assholes.
this place is filled with random assholes .
by YevYev February 15, 2011
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