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The word "White Trash" is thrown around a lot these days. People usually corollate white trash with being poor. You can actually be white trash and be on any level of the social class; rich, poor, middle class, poverty, whatever. Some people are simply less privileged than others, so they can not be judged by the things they posess.
The definition of White Trash sort of goes along with Jeff Foxworthy's definition of Redneck which is "An extreme abscence of sophistication." That's all white trash is; however, even if one has nice things that person can still be white trash. White Trash people are often times so unsophisticated that they do not even know they are white trash. If one is truly white trash that person is not supposed to know about it.
It is just a coincidence, but many white trash people have bad taste in things. Nascar lovers are often white trash. People who get drunk are often white trash. A drink or a glass of wine are nice every now and then , but getting plastered and shit-faced is just stupid. What's even more white trash than that is saving all of your beer bottles and putting them on the counter. As if they need to be on display. They exhibit other bad habits. They smoke a lot. They have very low grooming standards. The smell bad. They have terrible taste and are badly dressed; tank tops, bandanas, etc...They put their couches on their front porches, and it just looks hideous. They do not take very good care of their kids. They sometimes abuse them or are very negligent. The beat their spouses. Their English is very improper. They also like to curse a lot. They think that saying the "f-word" every other word makes them sound like big people.
What makes people more white trash than anything is their moral judgement however. They take pleasure in hurting others. They are racist. They sleep around a lot and don't even bother to use protection. They date people who do not respect them, or they do not respect their partners. They pick on other people to make themselves feel good. They love to be verbally abusive. They enjoy picking fights, and being rude because it gives them pleasure. Anytime they are nice to other people there is always an alterior motive for some personal gain. They are greedy. They are selfish. Instead of supporting their families they will buy extravegant things for themselves such as a high definition television. White trash people are just bad people. They basically have no social grace, and they feel that the world owes them.
Britney Spears: (stoned) Government came and took my baby! Oh well! Maybe I'll go exploit myself some more. While I'm at it I'll go marry some grungy guy who does not respect me! Fuck yeah!
Oprah: Britney you are so White Trash!
by YesYouWillPublishThis January 26, 2009

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