24 definitions by Yes

the realy name for a gay person
"hey look jordan smith is coming this way"
by yes September 11, 2003
pass us some of that reo mate
by yes October 02, 2003
Dirty Yuppie and Miggers being tools.
'Gorillaz are better than Radiohead' is a numpty statement.

40gb?' is also a very numpty statement.
by yes January 14, 2005
An accronym for 'Babs the Ejaculating Cow'
I asked BTEC if i could borrow his copy of Primal Fear
by Yes January 13, 2005
To smell worse than shit, to stink terribly.
Thats fuckin' boonin'
by Yes December 14, 2003
a guinea pig. sometimes found falling from strange places.
Thats some smelly orkos
by yes January 07, 2005
when you and your friends sit under a tent and all take poops. Then once the poop is out you throw it at each other. The winner is the person who stays in the tent the longest
lets play mud turtle
by yes June 03, 2003

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