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2 definitions by YellowSnowRecords

Find The Pint A game playable in any bar resturant which has alchol. Two or more players needed. One person has a pint glass and during a shift can fill the pint up with any liquids they wish leading up to at the end of the shift where if the other player had failed to find where the pint of mystery liquids is the player putting the liquids may spit into the pint. The "finder" player has to try during the shift to find the pint as the sooner they find it the less liquids and no spit in the pint.
Ok iam bored lets play a wee game of Find The Pint
by YellowSnowRecords March 15, 2007
Short name for Wolfenstein
Hey wana go play a game of Wolfey
by YellowSnowRecords March 13, 2007