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2 definitions by Yeffin, master of rice

1. First name of the King of the magic pixies, who has killed many-a-shoe with his magic buttons. He gave the name 'Yeffince' to the famous explorer.
2. Noun which originates from a forced labour camp on the moon. Used commonly (cough, cough) to describe small people.
"I'm sorry, Schlimpy, but your pixie magic won't work on me."
"Schlimpy, you're very... small. VERY small. You're a teeny, tiny... thing."
by Yeffin, master of rice October 07, 2005
The name of the famous explorer, 'Yeffince' originated when what was then the nameless void said the word 'Vince'. Schlimpy, King of the pixies misheard and mistook it for 'Yeffince'. Thus the nameless void became Yeffince, and Yeffince the nameless void. Often shortened to 'Yeffin' for general convenience.
"I say, Yeffince, just how many of my pancake daughters are you hiding under that donkey?"
by Yeffin, master of rice October 07, 2005