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Essentially the flavor of the month. Alright with their instruments but that doesn't mean jack squat in pop music. Highly gimmicky (or 'unique' as their fans call them) with 9 members, 2 of which (if I'm not mistaken) bang trash cans. Their shows are exactly what any other Linkin Park or U2 show would look like; more of a spectacle than a concert to showcase music. Their image is stolen completely, either from GWAR or Mr. Bungle (and/or Mike Patton), and neither this nor their shows cover up the music. If it had been 9 guys playing in a lesser venue with street clothes then they'd be signed for the fact that they have 9 members.
Slipknot sure doesn't equal variety.
#goth #poser #trash can #mallcore #emo
by Yeesh! July 20, 2006
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