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The act of being stupid. Usually directed towards a member of the opposite sex who is operating a motorized vehicle or grocery cart recklessly. This adjective is pronounced phonetically emphasizing the ‘oo’ sound. The more the emphasis, the more dramatic the statement. Stoopa can also be used for both present and past tense.
Hi stoopa!
It was stoopa.
He is stoopa.
Brothers are stoopa.
by YeahDatBFun April 24, 2008
A word that is usually replicated into a phrase in which is used as sarcastic mocking conversational filler (ie: baha baha). Often times used in lieu of a greeting within a conversation and in most cases is stated in a “little” voice. Can also be used as a sarcastic term of endearment when phrased as “you da baha”, in which it is well received the standard return response is noted as “no you da baba”.
ie: baha-baha; baha; you da baha; no you da baha
by YeahDatBFun April 23, 2008

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