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The money a property management company will ask you to pay before renting one of their apartments/units to you, which they will hold until you move out and leave the property in the same condition you recieved it. A.K.A Money you will never see again.
"Those fucking assholes took my damage deposit!!!"
by Ye Olde Balls October 08, 2009
Smelting is the act of running the penis up and down the front of the vagina against the clit. It should resemble a hotdog in the buns. It can be done before or after ejaculation. Usually done in the missionary position with the vagina, but can be executed in the buttchecks while doggying.
Girl: "Smelt me!"
Guy: "You got it, baby!"
Girl: "It's feels good, nice and warm."
Guy: "Looks good too. You should see it from my vantage point."
Girl: "Hand me the mirror."
by Ye Olde Balls September 28, 2009

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