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Its the leetest possible version of the humble Roar!. Spelling is obvious, but pronunciation is odd. Pronounce the roar in the loudest and most drawn out way possible, before quietly adding -xorz on the end.
Look, a Jew. Roarxorz!. Ha, look at him run.
by Yashca May 16, 2007
As mentioned in lolxorz, the suffix xorz is substantially more leet than the plainer zorz. So when expressing admiration or amazement, trump the simple leetzorz with the leeter leetxorz.
Pound coins from St Helena are leetxorz.
by Yashca May 16, 2007
Lolxorz means the same as lolzorz. But it is much more leet not to repeat the z. One z is cool. Two z's is pushing it
Lolxorz! I found a 1994 silver proof rampant lion pound coin!
by Yashca May 16, 2007
As I am sure the reader is aware, roflcopter is way of enhancing the leet quality of the simple rofl. Omgcopter is the same thing but with omg
He punched me in the crotch, and it was like being hit by an omgcopter!
by Yashca May 16, 2007
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