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Nitrous Bong Rips: an elusive phenomenon that has lurked in the shadows for century upon century, looming just around the corner, waiting for its most opportune moment to attack society’s mainstream like a swarm of bees enveloping its unfortunate prey in unison. The NBR perhaps represents the most creative and progressive attempt to take drug users/abusers mundane activities to a never-before-expected level. A synthesis of the relaxing marijuana smoke with the chilly nitrous hit that induces half a minute of incapacitated euphoria has proved to be a magical combination: one that incites a series of sensations only understood by another NRB user.

The history is largely unknown, but its following of cultish proportions has become a topic of interest on its own. Nitrous oxide is a gas used to make whipped cream, and can be purchased in packages of several cartridges. Though illegal to use as an inhalant, nitrous oxide (often called “whippits”) is utilized by many young people, especially adolescents with limited incomes, to achieve a cheap and quick high. A balloon is inflated with a nitrous cartridge, and is fastened to the slide of an already-lit bong. The hit is inhaled as the balloon is released, allowing the individual to experience a bong rip and a nitrous hit simultaneously.
"Yo dude, let's go back to the apartment and take some nitrous bong rips and then eat some hot dogs!
by YanaCeciliaMark June 07, 2006

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