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when a man sticks cheese into a women's vagina, and then proceeds to shoving it up with his foot. When the cheese is fully up there, he jumps on the girls vagina resulting in a mixture of cheese and blood. He finally eats the blue cheese right out of the pussy, resulting in a Blue flamingo.
Ayo Bitch ass mo' fucker, you better fucking Behave you whore, or I'ma Blue Flamingo your bitch ass.

Girl: "Uh the flamingo feels so good."
Guy: "fuck yea bitch feels like pie ain't it?"
by Yacker's Popular words October 10, 2013
when a man doesn't shower for two weeks and sweats allot, particularly in the genital area, he gets a green pumpkin. A green pumpkin means having a really stinky ass dick, that smells like a nacho dead fish with garbage juice. Women get really turned on by green pumpkinised dicks,
-Are you ready Nadasha?

-yes baby did you follow the instructions?

-yea i didn't shower for 3 weeks and i now have a green pumpkin.
by Yacker's Popular Words November 03, 2013
Basically when you go on the internet for a long time, you turn into a fucking idiot. Called a Retarnet. An (internet Retard)
Innocent: Hey what is this thing called 9gag? On the internet? Lemme checkit out
(2 month later)
(I tickle my pickle and anal Unicorns!!) Retarnet
by Yacker's Popular Words January 31, 2014
when a man is having extremely hardcore sex, he takes chili pepper that he inserts into his female's vagina, burning it in a juicy tasty way.
blue flamingo
fire gecko is a fetish
f-:Uh feels amazing baby...
m-:here girl let's try something new.
f-:huh? what do you want to try?
m-:fire gecko.
f-:fire gecko?

m:- ye
by Yacker's Popular Words November 03, 2013
a fucked up fetish where women hook a round ball of 5 to 10 pounds to there pussy and swirl it around like there's no tomorrow, while playing the song wrecking ballsack. You have to be careful when girls are doing this shit because the bitch can hit you in the fucking face by accident.
Girl-you hit me like a wrecking ball!
man-eyo you got a fucking weight hooked up to your stinky pussy
girl-so I don't cat caaaaaaaare cuz youuuuuu hit meeeeeeeeeee likeeeeee a wreccccking baaaaaaaaaaal
man(beats the shit out of the chick)
by Yacker's Popular Words November 06, 2013

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