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A very powerful race that was the first nation to Accept Christianity. Also went through the Armenian Genocide When then Automaun Turks wanted to clear the Armenian race Off the face of the earth, and they still reject killing off millions of armenians, making them walk for days without any food, cutting off their heads and putting them on sticks and sticking them on the ground, cutting a pregnant girls Stomachs and taking out the baby and killing the baby.
Yes its very disturbing, but this is what happened.
Armenians are not bad people, they just have their own culture.
And no we are not Complaining about the genocide all the time, we want to prove the turks wrong, that they did all that to the armenians. And i think you would do the same if your ansectors were hung, or had their heads cut off.
They have their own dances and the way of life.

Armenian girls are not ugly, and i am not saying that they are that GORGEOUS but they are not hidious or ugly, its just that they dont have the same culture as The Americans. The girls` parents dont let them apply 50 pounds of make up on their face so it can make them prettier, they let girls do make up when they are older.
Armenian men are just normal like anyone, they have the same qualities.

One thing the armenians are known about are for their big noses. But its not a problem, and it shouldnt be a problem for you as well.
Armenian: hey man, Did you know about the armanian genocide ?
Turk: What`s that ?
Armenian: yeah when your race killed all millions of armenians?
by Yabaoo March 20, 2007

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