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Used to describe the delicious taste of a vegan when the world turns to cannibalism due to food shortages.
Sams's ribs are moralicious, I should have never teased her about her moral superiority; grass-fed, organic human is far superior to the hobo meat from last night.
by Yabadass June 12, 2013
Similar to jumping the grenade whereby your wing man distracts the unattractive friend so you can hit on the attractive one, only in this case the unattractive friend is severely mentally and/or physically handicapped.
His wing man, valiantly jumping the plasma grenade, endured drool and stiff upper limbs so that he could chat up her caregiver.
by Yabadass June 12, 2013
Making the most of the amorality experienced by the secular humanist; maximizing the advantage of not being obliged to any moral standards.
In a manic maxamoral fit, he could not recall if he had paid the prostitute before dismembering her, but of course he had, that was whole reason he had robbed that liquor store in the first place; he promptly untied the bag and took his money back.
by Yabadass June 12, 2013
The process by which one is anointed as a priest by a nun through one's blessing of her sneeze and her acknowledgement of said blessing.
Adam saw a nun sneeze on the bus and said "bless you", the nun smiled and said "thank you" and he was thereby nunointed as a priest of whichever religious denomination from which that nun hailed; he never asked so he still doesn't know.
by Yabadass June 12, 2013
A last resort where one hastily combines cheez whiz with cream cheese to form a soft cheese to be served with crackers; usually due to lack of funds for actual cheese.
Shannon, having expended the evening's budget on the poultry and seafood, was forced to serve brokancini to his guests as an appetizer; needless to say they lost their appetites for the remainder of the evening and the dinner party was ruined.
by Yabadass June 12, 2013
The fragmented or partial knowledge of a second language spoken with such impeccable pronunciation that it is indistinguishable from a native speaker of that second language; applicable only if the speaker can recite no more than five full sentences.
After Alex responded to the French tourists' initial inquiry using flawless French she was unable to answer or understand any follow-up questions due to her only being fraglingual; the tourists thought this to be a cruel joke and began cursing at her; Alex had no idea what they were saying.
by Yabadass June 12, 2013
The qualified title of a narcotics dealer who fails to recognize you or remember your name after no less than three visits.
Erik was more astounded than insulted when his apathecary insisted on asking him if he was cop on his fourth visit in less than two months.
by Yabadass June 12, 2013

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