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A high quality polo shirt that was created in the 20's or 30's by the famous tennis player Rene Lacoste. His nickname was the crocidile so thats where the logo is from. These shirts retail for about $72-90 for a polo shirt. $50 for a t-shirt and about $150 for a sweater. If u get any lacoste items thats under 45 bucks...its most likely fake. They dont come in s,m,l,xl but they use the euro sizing 3,4,5,6,7

Many preps (well mannered intelligent people east coast) USED to wear lacoste but since it was released in to the materialistic world (eg. rappers and rich-snobby snobs who think there rich with thier escalades and big rims). Preps dont wear it as much.
Wigaar 1: yo lets buy dem pink lacoste polos.
Wiggar 2: yeahh...we gatta buy xxxl for dem booty ladies.

Real Prep: haha...they dont know what there talking about...
by YYUUNN July 17, 2006

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