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massaging activity involving three people. no more. no less. 3 women. 3 men. 2 women 1 man. 2 men 1 woman. whatever the grouping - all must engage in a massaging activity with one another for the activity to be a 'masssage a trois'. otherwise see therapeutic massage
through the steam from the hot tub he could see a draped massage bed. there she layed, clothed only in a black lace thong. her hips propped by a pillow. music began to play in the background and the lights dimmed. through the candlelight he could see a sillouette of a man approach her. he watched as the man placed steamed towels across her back. motioning for him to join in the massage. then, warming the oil they began to massage her. there hands sliding up under the black lace slowly pulling them down her legs. MASSAGE A TROIS...both massaging her.
by YOUR976BABE October 11, 2007

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