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2 definitions by YOTES and HOES

The act of strapping down your team bitch and pouring vinegar in there eyes. After the subject has lost all eyesight proceed to fist the blind team bitch dry in the anus.
In hunting hills we heald Fenz down blinded him with a bottle of vinegar and shoved all I our fists in his tight little anus. My first Fenzting
by YOTES and HOES September 25, 2013
When a female takes two Pringles and inserts them inside her vagina. One of the Pringles is upside down creating a duck bill. After this the male fucks her through the hole. Thus a Duck Fuck.
Dyson: " oh I finally got my dick inside Mikayla's bill. It was a mean Duck Fuck!"
by YOTES AND HOES February 14, 2014