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The new phenomenon brought on by certain minorities that suggests that the only reason they are suspected for crimes and are arrested is because they are that minority. As if the true crime rate is just SO different than the arresting statistics.
Basically a reason to label innocent white folk who are trying to catch criminals, "Racist"
A: The only reason Black or Latino people get arrested is because of Racial Profiling.
B: Yeah I know! A Black person would NEVER even CONSIDER killing anyone at all. Also, white folks never get arrested for anything! It is quite unjust.
by YM January 28, 2005
1.The former relationship between BEN Affleck and jennIFER Lopez as it was dubbes by the media.
2.The reinvention of the phrase brought on by the new relationship between BEN Affleck and jennIFER Garner.
Look guy! It's Bennifer #2
by YM January 28, 2005

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