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The same thing as yes mam, except you mainly use it for bossy moms, sisters, and teachers
Sister: Hey Sean, go to sleep now!

Sean: YES SIR!
by YESMAM September 20, 2007
a phrase made up by Ian Soliterman, a Canadian kid. usage of this word applies to any question, even if it isn't a yes or no question, it could even be a math question! You can even use it on a guy. it works great on teachers(especially male), parents (mom AND dad), and anyone else that tells you to do stuff. also a great way to start conversations with your friends on msn and aim. and is the coolest user on nexopia - yesmam
Teacher: Did you finish your homework, bobby?

Bobby: yes MAM

Teacher: I'm not a "ma'am" i'm a male

Bobby: Yes MAM
by YESMAM September 20, 2007
Oilers Suck is the most truest phrase you've ever heard. these homo fags are actually Edmonton's Hockey team, but what is more annoying than the oilers is their fans. They think they are so great because they won five cups, but that was in the past when they actually had good players. Now, they have players like Hemsky, who looks like a hot smelly diaper with girl hair, and they have Horcoff, who is uglier than taking a shit on Renee Zelwegger. and Craig McTavish is a pedofile.
Something you might hear in the Saddledome in a Battle of Alberta game:

Oilers Suck! Oilers Suck! Oilers Suck! Oilers Suck! Oilers Suck!
by YESMAM November 27, 2007

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