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A large white-fetus of a fleshy awkward teen. Guzzles giz on a regular basis like its the thing to do. A self-consious bastard who wears hiking boots. Known for putting himself down, often gets emotional and spanks a load to granny porn, reflecting on how the world has done him wrong. Known for shaving multiple pubic regions,he will often spoon feed them to his 400 pound sister beluga whale.
I just fleshed myself as im under a lot of pressure from my peers to fit in because i'm awkward.

And, no. I'm not paying you back.
by yeaah May 03, 2005
Located in NJ, where a bunch of guys attend school for fun they participate in playing with eachothers penis's. Most of the kids who go there are from Washington Twp who think they are gangster. They aren't good at any sports especially ice hockey. And they love to touch eachothers cocks.
St. Augustine loses to Bishop Eustace in ice hockey, once again.
by YEAAh May 03, 2005

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