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Used to express contentment, approval or happiness.
Often an 'a' is added to the end of 'like'; I like-a.
I like-a you.
Can be spoken with an Arabic or Indian accent for an increased effect.
Guy: Wow! Sweet doors!

Guy: Ya mang, it's a good thing there aren't any penis's sticking out of the cracks like last time.

Slutty girl: Woah dude. Sic.

Other slutty girl: Hehehehehe I like-a. I like-a this.
by YAlily! September 30, 2007
A word used to replace yes, or an agreement of some kind.

Alternate spellings include Ker, Kerrhh or other variations of this sort.
Him: Do you want to be my fuck buddy?
Her: Kerh!
by YAlily! September 30, 2007
What a man says to his horse, dog or wife while fucking, whipping or riding. Also may come with a slap on the behind.
Wife: yes oh oh oh yes oh come on OH OH OH oh

Man: Giddy-yap, BITCH! *slap*
by YAlily! September 30, 2007
A word used to say no or to express a disagreement. Also can be spelled Mer or Merrrhhhh.
So is your mom going to let you have sex with girls?

Merh. :(
by YAlily! September 30, 2007
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