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is chris jericho, the best wrestler in the WWE
ayatollah of rock and rolla made millions tap out to the walls of jericho
by Y2J November 30, 2003
any hot girl who is not legally fuckable but you know you want to anyway.
usually range from the ages of 16-18 or any girl still in High School. Kidsmeals know they are hot and they know guys over 18 want to do them...which makes them so much hotter.
by Y2J January 19, 2004
A homosexual cyber slut who spends all his time jacking off to whatever is placed infront off him. He likes long and enduring cybersex with cibe and doesn't mind a bit of connect four if you know what I mean.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO CIBE? oh never mind.. I didn't know you were jackal-man
by Y2J August 29, 2003
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