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A dangerous and devisive organization; believed to be derived from Gnagy spelled backwards
Julio knew he was in trouble when he found out that he his bookie was involved with a Y-Gang
by Y-Ganger October 15, 2007
An older guy that likes young girls. An 'old school pervert'
Did you hear that Stromer hired that hot 18 year old, even though she was really dumb and un-qualified?
"Oh yeah, I knew he would. He's totally an O.S.P."
by Y-Ganger May 12, 2008
Hung over; tired; shortened version of "feel like shitake mushrooms", which is an attempt to say "feel like shit" without technically saying 'shit'
You don't look too good today.

Yeah, man, I feel like mushrooms
by Y-Ganger October 19, 2007

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