1 definition by XxelyssaxX

Most people believe that emos are gay, wrist cutting people who cry all the time. NOT TRUE! Emo guys are just guys that are in touch with their emotions. They are some of the sweetest, nicest guys out there, not to mention, some of the hottest guys, you could meet. They have relationships because they're in love, not because they want sex. They call you beautiful instead of hot. Ok, the eyeliner, black hair, piercings, skinny jeans and band shirts are different, but most people like uniquity. I know I do :)

I really don't understand people who hate emos...They are people too!
Caitlin: what kind of dude is that? Those are some tight jeans!

Elyssa: that is an emo guy, and that's hot.

Cairlin: huh, you're right. emo boys are hot!
by XxelyssaxX April 23, 2008

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