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The worst highschool in Bakersfeild. Every single kid in that school is rich. The few who arent will suffer through 4 years of hell in this shit hole of wanna be white gangstas and the ugliest whores in town. Every single guy is either some butt ugly white gangsta or only wants to date the whores. Most of the girls are bulimic whores who started giving handjobs at the age of 11. Most of them stick their heads in toilet bowls after every meal, so they have no tits or ass, except for the ones who convinced daddy to get them some plastic surgery. If you dont have a perfect face or dont have the skin tone of a carrot then you will be looked down upon by every bitch in the school. If there is one single thing different about you, everybody will hate your ass. There is absolutely NO diversity in this school, besides for the maybe 5% of foster kids and nerds. There is no such thing as emo, goth, skater, or punk. Everyone is either a prep or a white gangsta. Everyone in this school is so rich they live in mansions, wear $500 clothes, and will only listen to music through their beats headphones. If you dont have all these, you are a weirdo, loser, etc. and none of these perfect little assholes will like you.
Lived in rosedale for 2 years, went to Liberty High, worst time of my life.
by XxblackbirdxX October 29, 2012
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