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The hottest boy band in the fucking world like omg im not even kidding these guys are so fucking hot that i just wanna drink all of their sperms and i want them to shit in my mouth and i want to swallow their shit anf ythen throw it up and then shove my vomit one direction shit up my ass hole and lick my finger after im done, then i want them to take turns fucking me in my pussy until i fucking cum my skelleton and i want them to cut their testicles off and shove their chopped off testicles up my vagina.

I masturbate to them during lunch in the girls bathroom of my school. One time, i fingered myself so hard to one direction that blood came out of my vagina and i licked it off the toilet seat and them spit it out and rubbed it into my vagina lips.
God they are so hot and make me so fucking horny. I cant even fucking stand it.
Entry in my diary:

Dear diary,
I wish i could suck on oine direction's fucking dicks. I want them to spray me down with my sperm and i wanna poop on their chest and watch them eat my poop while i finger myself with poop smeared on my finger. I want one direction to bite my fallopian tubes off with their fucking teeth and drink my period juice and i wanna nomnom all of their fucking testicles and have them shove prostate juice up my ass hole and them i want them to stick a finger in my ass hole and i want to suck the prostate juice off their fucking fingers and then i want them to shove their penises in my ear hole and spary sperm in my ear until i cant hear anymore and i want to eat their shit and drink my own period and i want to feed them my butt hole wax with my fucking finger and i want to drink their sperm. Thats what i want to do to one direction.
by XxSuperHotOneDirectionBabeFanx September 08, 2012

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