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A huge heavy metal penis with wings that somehow manages to suspend itself in the air for large quantities of time, and within its airtight, claustrophobic confines, holds many people who are likely to vomit, drool as they sleep on you shoulder, and talk excessively until you have an overwhelming desire to commit suiside.
"Hey joe how was your trip?"

"Well, on the airplane, the guy in front of me blew chunks all over his laptop, the fat sweaty guy next to me fell asleep on my lap and kept trying to steal my peanuts, and the woman behind me was relating every second of her boring-ass company birthday party from the moment she turned off her alarm clock to the second she washed the triple chocolate cake from her fat ass when she got home."

"... so a pretty average normal trip then, huh?"

"Yea, pretty much."
by XxShadoexX December 22, 2008

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