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1 definition by XxHornyXxBabeXx

Olivia is a female name,
Olivia means "Peace of the olive tree".
There is also a book and a t.v program called Olivia about a little pig called Olivia.

Olivia's are fun,they don't have many friends,but they don't care,their friends are Loyal.Everyone loves Olivia.She is beautiful.She is kind and loving.But can have a fiery temper, they have very pretty eyes.They can make a guy have a boner,just by walking past.They are also very good in bed.
Example 1:
Dude 1:*Boner* O.m.g did you see that girl?
Dude 2:Yeah!She MUST be a olivia!

Example 2:
Guy:Wow.Look at that girl!She is Sexyy!
Guy 2:Yep.She's an Olivia!

Example 3:
Little kid 1:Did you see Olivia last night?
Little kid 2:yeah!And i got the new book!
Little kid 1:wow!

Example 4:
Girl 1:Wow,look at her hair,her eyes,her body.Have you seen the way she walks?And the way she flips her hair?I so want to be her!
Girl 2:Yep,thats olivia!

Example 5:
Guy:Wow,Look at that girl she's beautiful!
Guys girlfriend:Your looking at another girl? We are over!
Guy: Hey!Not my fault your not an olivia!
by XxHornyXxBabeXx June 16, 2011