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They are Honest and trustworthy, they will always have your back regardless of the situation. He is Committed to what ever he decides to do and especially committed when in a relationship. Horacios are hardworking and resilient in the face of challenges.They are understanding yet Firm and decisive, a perfect leader. A horacio is a Loving person, and will do anything for the ones he loves. He is a lover not a fighter but will fight to the death if needed. When in a relationship he is sharing and caring. He makes the perfect husband because he is dedicated to selfless service to his wife and his children. They are considerate, Humble and places his wife and children's priorities above that of his extended family. He is a simple man, yet interesting beyond questioning. He is one of the few gentlemen left on this planet.
girl 1:Are you still single?
Girl 2: Yeah i don't just want to be with any chump. I want my the man of my dreams.
Girl 1: Ohh you're still looking for your Horacio.
by XxGI.HxX December 04, 2010
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