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A phrase which is often said to a male that does not pursue or hook up with a certain female because;

* It is the sister of one of your friends.

* Your friend has already made his intention known that he is trying to get in with her

* You already have a girlfriend

* It might piss off someone that you know

* You put bro's before hoe's

James: John's mum is looking at me like she wants to screw me hard!.

Bill: Stay Premium Bro, it's not worth it.


Jim: His sister was all over me last night.

Frank: Did you fuck her?

Jim: Nahh, I Stayed Premium man.


(Example of Staying Premium)

Bryan: Come on cuz lets go to the movies.

Bob: But I'm just about to cop a root.

Bryan: Fuck man all 6 of us are going come on.

Bob: Alright lets go

by XxBokixX December 24, 2011

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