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Emo ppl r ppl who dont fit into the mainstream.
contrary to popular belief, they dont all slit their wrists. and not all are always depressed. dont wear glasses unless they need them. they all have their own original style, and the base is any clothes that r black, stripy, checkered, random, or are band merchandise. black skinny jeans are popular, but not mandatory. other options are black skirts, 3/4 pants, short shorts with short dress. accessories are the messenger bag, has patches, pins, badges, and whatever they want to put on it, and jewlery is coloured bracelets, wrist bands, black nail polish, arm warmers, random socks or just black socks, or stocking socks, chucks, punk shoes, checkered anklets, kung-fu shoes, black sandals. hair is usualy black, with streaks or dark red in it, short at the back teased with a comb, or spiked, and tapered to long over the front, cropped fringe to the side, or long over one eye, or shaved on one side to long over the other side, or some girls have layered shoulder-length hair. dark eyeliner and mascara is totaly necessary. some have red on top of that..and white foundation, red lipstick. i go a bit diff and have pink lip-gloss, but u get the picture, u can get away with whatever if u have the format..
emo kids r creative. expressive through poetry, song-writing, art. going to shows of their fav bands, and 2 meet friends.
love music., listening to records, and on i-pods. i have CDs. i heard its not emo to have CDs, but whoever said that can kiss my emo ass, coz CDs are just another way 2 listen 2 music- which is the main part!
dont stereotype the emo kids!
Emo isnt as strict as u think, we are not all the same like u think, stereotyping is just like rumors, 99.9%bulshit.
by Xx.im.your.zero.xX December 11, 2006
emo music is music with emotional lyrics, and either melodious slow rythum and progressive, but as it has progressed, it adopted so much of the other music styles and rythums that it is hard to pinpoint what is emo music and what isnt. now because of that fact, some people will argue that the newest bands of this genre arent actually emo, like my chemical romance. but think about what is the minor guidelines for emo music? and that everything progresses.. we had the rights of spring as the first official band to be labeled emo, and then it progresses to get up kids and death cab for cutie. im sure youve all heard that speel.
emo music- music with emotional lyrics. melodious, slow rythum. progressive.

progressive - adopted so much of the other music styles/rythums

minor guidelines??
by Xx.im.your.zero.xX December 19, 2006

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