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The act of exposing nasty, yellowed pit stains when placing one hand on each doorjamb as you attempt lame conversation with a coworker.
Did you see Jim pulling the full golden eagle in my office? WTF! He is so hygienically challenged.
by XtraFlop October 04, 2007
Whay you call that fatty fat fatterton you work with who not only snoozles, but shamlessless snores like a chainsaw with a loose throttle. Sometimes their office door if open, sometimes it's closed. Either way, it's loud. Also prone to absolute denial when confronted about it.

Can also be used as a pre-fix to someone's name.
Todd: Hey, did you walk by Sleepy's office?
Matt: Which Sleepy?
Todd: Sleepy Jay
Matt: Oh, Jay-zzz?
Todd: Yeah, that is one sleepy lying fat fuck.
by XtraFlop October 05, 2007

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