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when to boys of the 'emo' stereotype who, whether gay or bi, kiss.

they may or may not be doing it for the attention. sometimes they are, and i disapprove of this.
but most of the time, when the kiss occurs, it is out of love or lust, not just for the attention of it.
hey, look at those two emo boys kissing.
by XsammiXgirlX August 18, 2008
A website for people who want to learn more about emo to go to. Although a lot of thought was put into the site, and was created by fellow 'emos', it has very inaccurate descriptions of things, such as the definition about emo boys kissing. *look for my def of emo boys kissing for more info*

I myself think little of Emo Corner, and rarely, if ever, go to it.
A: Hey did you see the link to the emo myspace layouts on Emo Corner?

B: yeah they are kick-ass!
by XsammiXgirlX August 18, 2008
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