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A really sweet girl, generous, who knows exactly how to make you laugh. If she is in a bad mood, she will not hesitate to knock you out cold. She probably has some dark little secrets that she keeps to herself. Usually is an angel at school but a total demon back at home.
George: I love Teresa! She's awesome!
Judy: The heck why?!
George: She's so nice! here's a better question. why NOT?
Judy: ha, ha. you might think so, but she's a total idiot at home.
George: No she's not! she's nice
Judy: Shut up. I live with her. You don't.
by Xozzy May 12, 2011
A memory that may or may not have happened, therefore questioning its existence.

Usually experienced during a hangover, but can merely be a memory you can't seem to place your finger on.

To recall a maymory is to remaymber.
Girl: I have a weird maymory from that party last night . . .
Guy: What is it?
Girl: I think I gave you a blowjob . . .

"I remaymber locking the front door when we came in . . . You stay in bed. I'll go double-check."
by Xozzy July 10, 2012
Someone who is always caught up with the latest trends, no matter how weird or embarrassing they are.
Girl: "Why's Jaquelyn wearing a dress made out of banana peels?"
Guy: "Oh she's just a faddict, it's probably some sort of new thing"
by Xozzy February 22, 2012
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