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An awesome christian punk rock band from Southern California. Officer Negative has spread the word of Jesus Christ to scenes that it may have never been told without them. Also the inventors of "Jesus Christ Hard Core" ie JCHC, one of their songs. They lasted from 1994 all the way to 2005 when they broke up.
Officer Negative has influenced alot of bands including my own, Saved to Serve. JCHC!
#christian #punk #punk rock #southern california #jesus christ
by XfuzzXbombX August 07, 2006
1)Stupid White People. Ex: Neo Nazis, biggots, etc
2)An Officer Negative song
lyrics from the song:"S.W.P. dosnt mean supreme white power
S.W.P. means stupid white people"
#neo nazi #officer negative #white #people #biggots
by XfuzzXbombX August 07, 2006
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