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The art of playing on words and how words come together during freestyle rap. Might involve Punches, if not seperetly indicated.

See freestlye
That was some illin wordplay, man!
by Xeneth July 05, 2005
One who is Bisexual, but Straight at heart.
<LatentHomosexuality> ur gay@!!!!111 WTF OMG
<Xeneth> Only 46%, I'm a Phobosexual.
by Xeneth August 22, 2005
Used as a suffix for the nown of any word ending in 'ble'.
by Xeneth August 07, 2005
One who is Gay (Homosexual), but Straight at heart.
<LatentHomosexuality> ur gay!!!!111 WTF OMG
<Skater_Guy> Nah, I'm Skatersexual.
by Xeneth August 22, 2005
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