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A internet community where people share stories of their experiences with coprophillia. Also there are some forums dedicated to art, but nobody cares about that.
I like to eatpoo
by xen May 02, 2004
Someone who cannot bear the thought of losing to anyone but a cheater
He/she/it is a m00jo. He/she/it has a bad m00jo
by Xen October 22, 2003
Derived from a specices of Half-Life hacker, known has Tetsuo.
Tetsuo enters the room. Oh God its the cuntfacebitchmaster!
by Xen May 26, 2004
Crappy polish courier group who specializes in trading bukkake-pr0n.
Tjyv was the first to upload 10gb of bukkake!!111
by xen December 09, 2003

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