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An emo boy is a boy of many emotions ussualy we can be hyper, happy, sad, or just none emotionaly, not all of us like to show off our emotions but at least we have them. some of us tend to wear girls pants, tight or fairly tight t-shirts either black or other random colours. We have ussualy black shaggy hair that covers our face or some of us have a fauxhawk that is swept to the side. some of us wear eyeliner and nail polish and some dont what ever floats ure boat, we tend to wear either chucks or vans shoes, some of us like to wear an asortment of braclets or wrist bands.
although some do most dont slit there wrists for no reason, some have a reason but w.e.
bands alot of us like to listen to include, silverstein, the used, mcr, hawthorne heights, these are some of the more mainstream bands. some underground bands or barly mainstream ones are, greeley estates, hotcross, saetia, fall of troy, blood brothers, circle takes the square.

this is the ussual example of and emo boy, from my perspective. lol i seem like a professor or something give a lecure on this lol
emo boy1: hey man did u hear the blood brothers new album
emo boy2: ya they kik ass. what do u think of the fall of troy.
by XemoXboyX April 17, 2006

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