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very talented band, lyrical themes including politics, human weakness and religion. fronted by tool singer Maynard James Keean and former guitar tech. Billy Howerdel. Due to the dark nature of the music they tend to be a bit of a pseudo-goth magnet.

Albums to date:
2000: Mer de noms
2003: thirteenth step
2004: eMOTION
"hey, listen to this A Perfect Circle record, its like tool without the anal sex"
by Xayne February 17, 2005
the age of any person who listens to music that you hate. Unless of corse you ARE actually 14, in which case the age of any person who listens to music that you hate is 12.
"only 14 year old goth kids listen to KoRn"
by Xayne February 18, 2005
A badass mother fucker, who enjoys good whisky and has a taste for women with ghetto booties.
Did you see xayne face that whole bottle of jameson?
by xayne July 15, 2014
a trenchcoat, esp. a black one.
originated after the Colombine high school shootings, in which the shooters were members of the 'Trenchcoat Mafia' and wore long black trenchcoats.
"my Colombine comes down to my feet"
by Xayne February 18, 2005
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