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Any weird kid in school that is usually found doing creepy things such as playing with food, breathing heavily through the mouth, and standing very closely behind people for no apparent reason. This person will usually try to find friends by trying to talk cool or trying to do things he thinks are funny but are just really creepy, but will always fail. Very unclean and smelly, with lots of dandruff and acne. Will "like" and/or comment everyone's pictures on Myspace or Facebook, even if he does not know you. Will stalk girls and/or guys. Will steal your phone while you're not looking to take your number and add his. Usually speaks in a low, mumbled voice and may or may not end words with "eh." Please avoid this human.
Student 1: "Oh my God, that kid is such a Creepy Dave!"
Student 2: "What kid?"
by Xagent_squidwardX December 15, 2009

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