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Nintendo's re-design of their latest handheld. New features include:

- Smaller size - The DS Lite measures 133mm wide, 73.9mm high and 21.5mm deep at 215 grams in weight. This makes it 42% smaller and 21% lighter than the original DS. The screens are the same size.
- Four brightness levels, of which the brightest is extremily bright.
- Larger stylus
- Shiny future-esque finish available in White, Black, and Light Blue. These are the launch colors, and Nintendo will very likely release more colors as time goes on.
- Improved Wi-Fi capabilities (hardware only)
- Button layout change (Start, Select, Power)
- Region Free, as is the original DS
- Increased Touch Screen sensitivity

Although price and release date are still being speculated, it is estimated they will be launhched in the US in late May or June at a price around $150. They launched in Japan on March 2nd, 2006, and they have sold so well that they have been very hard to get ahold of, despite Nintendo's best efforts to restock them.
My new Nintendo DS Lite is great for playing the wide array of games the DS and GBA lines have to offer. Sadly, the PSP simply cannot match my DS in gaming capabilites.
by Xabrophazon April 24, 2006

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