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You wanna know what a chav is? Google Image search it, cos it disturbed me for life!!!

And so you get big groups of chavs hanging around outside McDonalds/bus stops/shopping centres trying to look intimidating... Well until my equally intimidating emo friends come over, have a fight, and flatten them, of course.
Chav phrases include, "uite?", "brap", "bruv", "bling", "i is sayin", "boss", "class" and "Whatever, Yo Mother works at McDonalds," usually with some vulgar hand gestures.
by XXX_RaNdOm_cHiLd_XXX August 01, 2006
Emo stands for emotionally different, or just emotional.

They apply to a certain group of people, who are often self proclaimed losers, who go around a in big group, being rejected. The characteristics of emos are normally:

-a fringe which covers 3 or 4 fifths of the face, prferably dyed black. This is thought to be a reason they are attracted to their own genger; they cannot see.
-attention-seeking gashes on one or both wrists, normally to show off, but many just wear wristbands and fake depression.
-eyeliner. And how! As in, so much they cry black tears. Which happens alot. Though many emo boys prefer to wear a complete set of make-up.
- An array of non existant problems.
- Thick rimmed black glasses.
- Very tight black drainpipes, which look impossible but are actually so comfy, you forget everyones staring at you like emo scum.
- An obbsession with a) "The Nightmare Before Christmas" b)"Spongebob SquarePants" c)"lovemetal" (whatever that is) d)dressing as a cat.

However wierd they may seem, my emo friends are great (just watch out for the emotions). They like being called emos but not greebos, as it makes them over-emotional. So please, if you see someone dressed as a cat in the street, please dont yell, "HEY GREEBO!!! GOING TO YOUR GREEBO STORE, EMO-SEXUAL???"

Chav: Hey emo, go kiss a guy!!!
Emo: Don't label me! (runs off crying)
by XXX_RaNdOm_cHiLd_XXX August 01, 2006

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